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Rayburn 216 SFW

Rayburn 216 SFW  image

Need a cooker to provide background warmth to the room, heat the hot water cylinder, supply hot water to 2 radiators and cook delectable moist food?
This is the one!

Model Rayburn: Heatranger 216SFW
Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
Fuel: Selected Coal (non expanding) and Dry Wood
Controls: Manual
Initial Flue Pipe: (Minimum internal diameter) Conventional 127mm (5ins)
Ventilation: (Minimum air vent to room) 126cm2
Electrical Supply: No
Water Output: 16,000Btu/h 4.7kW 2-3 Radiators
Hot Water System Option: Gravity DHW and pumped heating
Water Cylinder Size Option: 190 litres (40 Gallons)
Lower Oven: Warming Oven
Weight: 305Kg
Width:  840mm
Height: 820mm
Depth:  510mm
Colour Options: Cream, Claret, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Black, Pewter

Rayburn 216 SFW

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