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Cooking, Central Heating

Want to achieve Cooking, Hot Water Heating and Central Heating with one heating solution ?
Explore the products available.

355SFW, 345W and 216Sfw are designed to run radiators

Advantages of Central Heating Radiators provide you with : *EFFECTIVE:* Warm water central heating systems heat your whole house! *EFFICIENT:* Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air making warm water central... Find Out More

Rayburn 216 SFW

Need a cooker to provide background warmth to the room, heat the hot water cylinder, supply hot water to 2 radiators and cook delectable moist food? This is the one! *Model Rayburn:* Heatranger... Find Out More


Need a cooker to provide back ground warmth to the room? Heat the hot water cylinder? Cook delectable moist food? Provide Central Heating? This is the one! *Model:* Rayburn Heatranger 355SFW... Find Out More
Everhot Storage range cookers are great for someone looking for something stunning in their kitchen, there are over 80 different combinations to choose from.